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We believe great scent has the power to elevate everyday life.


mindful ingredients

Our candles are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. From the coconut wax and hemp-cotton wicks to our carefully selected fine fragrance and essential oils.

artful craft

We create in small batches with a natural wax that burns slow, at a low temperature, making room for clean, atmospheric scents to fill your space comfortably.

know how

We develop each candle in-house by hand at every step: setting up the wick, aligning the glass, and mixing the oils with molten wax; pouring by hand the scented wax into the aligned glass, allowing to solidify, and centering the wick; surfacing the candle to a smooth finish, trimming the wick to an optimal height, and affixing our iconic labels.

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match boxes

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