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The Jasmine Oil

If you read our last entry, you know that it was a bottle of perfume oil that sparked the idea for my candle-making adventure. Pictured below, is the original gift from New Orleans. The bottle was nestled inside of a latched box adorned with elephants, lined in purple velvet. To this day, the empty bottle holds the same romantic fragrance of the starry-shaped flower and rests forever in it's treasure box.

After applying the last drop, I sought a replacement bottle of jasmine oil to keep the daily perfuming ritual alive; and on the streets of downtown Austin one Fall during the Pecan Street Festival, I found my second bottle in a traveling vendor's wooden cart.

One of the first candles I created was Interstellar. A captivating scent with notes of jasmine and lavender on a bed of mellow woody notes like hinoki, hay and resin. This crowd favorite, and personal bedside pick, fans the flames joy and serenity all at once.

Feel free to let me know if you need anything. I'm so happy you're here.


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