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Welcome to Herland Home

Whether you are new here or have been here from the start, we wanted to share the story behind our brand. This is Priscilla from Herland Home.

I am Priscilla Jones, the maker and founder of Herland Home. Herland is the name of a century-old book about a feminist utopia void of war and disease, and was introduced to me by my Aunt Carol after I finished college. She is my inspiration and guiding light in so many aspects of my life. When I was 25, she took her life and passed along to me her love of aromatherapy, holistic living, and creating beauty through the presentation of food, living spaces, and landscapes.

The message for my candle line is to inspire connections between the world around us and within us. It is to remind us that we are all made of stars and that we need only take a breath - an inhale - to invite the magic of everyday into our lives. I fondly remember Carol burning a trio of candles at her office desk from morning until noon to set the tone for her work day.

In 2016, after using the last drop of my jasmine perfume oil given to me by a former sweetheart, I imagined my house filled with the same scent. I created Herland Home to combine my love for fragrance and my desire to connect with people. I believe great scent has the power to elevate everyday life and link our present moments with fragrant memories.

Each candle is handmade with heart and care to ensure your experience is thoroughly enjoyed. I specialize in scenting coconut wax in two ways -- one with fine fragrance oils, a synthetic, phthalate-free option; and the other with pure essential oils, a botanical option. I work from home with the attention of my Pomeranian, Little Lupe. We're so happy you are here.


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