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Coffee of the Cosmos



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Reawakening your everyday experience of coffee through the rarest and purest Biodynamic® Arabica beans. Bright, clean, balanced, and low-acidic, this plant is a high vibrational addition to each day. Sourced from a small family in Peru who operate a fair-trade, regenerative, and Biodynamic® farm.

Ingredients: Biodynamic® Arabica Coffee Beans, 10 oz
Whole bean,  medium roast, with hints of dark chocolate, caramel, and citrus peel.

Medium roast means that the beans undergo less heating than other beans, retaining the abundance of antioxidants that are so often roasted out in darker beans.  These preserved nutrients protect against the cell damage and inflammation that are often the root of chronic illness.

There are approximately 25 million coffee farmers on our planet; fewer than 15 are Certified Biodynamic® coffee farmers!