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Wick Trimmers | with imperfections

Herland Home

$11.00 $18.00

Matte black stainless steel wick trimmers are etched with titles.  Choose from: Tender Beauty or Earth Smoke or get lit.

The trimmers are now on sale! Please expect to notice some minor imperfections on these like scratches or off-center etchings.  That's it! Everything else about the trimmer is in tact and works just like it should :)

How to obtain a perfect flame:
Use this tool to cut the excess wick and freshen your candle.  Cut just enough, I recommend leaving 1/4" or 8mm, so that when you relight the candle there will be no carbon in the air.  Maintaining the wick controls the flame size and extends the life of your candle giving you more time to enjoy the authentic experience scented candles can bring.

Mindful candle management helps you obtain a perfect flame again and again.