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Golden Hour Botanical Candle

Herland Home


turmeric, ginger, black pepper, clove bud, and cinnamon

GOLDEN HOUR highlights everything in view through whispers of ember, honey colored hues, and natural dyes.  Evoke the spirit of home with Ayurvedic secrets meant to conjure a shadowy glow.  Spicy oils sweeten your adoration for life.

Product Details

All natural coconut wax blend with hemp core wick, and organic essential oils in apothecary-inspired amber jar with black lid.

3.4oz Small. Roughly 30 hour burn time.
6.8oz Standard. Roughly 50 hour burn time.

Candle Care & Safety

  • Trim wick to 6mm or 1/4" before each light.  A small flame upholds the life of your handcrafted candle and extends enjoyment.
  • Once there is only 6mm or 1/4" of wax left discontinue burning and clean the jar for recycling or upcycling.
  • Burn within sight & away from anything that can catch fire.
  • Keep away from children & pets.  We recommend you burn a candle on a heat-safe dish, lifting the jar off your surface protecting countertops and furniture.  Avoid drafty areas that wield the flame; always allow for adequate ventilation.

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